Safety is very important in our business. That includes everything from that the cottages are equipped with fire extinguishers, that we use the correct tyres on our cars and more specifically, safety work during the activities.

All our guides are trained in first aid and they always carry a first aid kit.

During hunting activities we have very strict safety rules that all participants must approve in writing before any activities can commence. These safety rules include:

- Guests are to follow directions from the guide.
- The guest shall walk nearby the guide. The guide shall be able to speak with the guest without raising his voice.
- No shots may be fired in the direction of the guide, dogs or co- guest(s). If so happens the guide has the right to commandeer the guest's hunting weapon(s) and cancel the trip for that guest without any refund. The weapon(s) shall be returned when the hunt is finished for the other guests.
- During transportation, the weapon shall if possible be transported in a weapon case. Vital parts shall be kept separately. This rule applies also when the weapon is left in a cabin without guard.
- The weapon shall always be unloaded while not hunting, for example lunch break, arrival to the car or conversation with hunting guide/non hunters.
- The weapon should always be unloaded and carried in such way that everybody around can see that the weapon is unloaded.
- The weapon may only be loaded upon instructions from the guide, for instance when the dog stand the hunted animal or when placed at a hunting station.
- All guests taking part in hunting activities is to wear a cap, vest or hatband with a signal colour (red or orange).