How to make a reservation

1. Decide on your trip & date. Contact us to confirm availability of the date you would like to book.

2. Send your deposit. A 50% deposit of the total fee (excl. animal fees) is required within one week of making a reservation.

3. We send you a pre-trip packet. This packet will include:

A confirmation of your reservation

Information and details of the trip

A letter of invitation (only for hunting guests)

4. Arrange your travel arrangements
You need to arrange your transport to and from your home. Please inform us about your arrival and departure times so we can arrange the transfer.

5. Your final payment. The balance of the trip cost is to be paid upon arrival

Fishing equipment rental
If you do not have your own equipment or just want to travel light, you can rent both fly fishing and spin fishing equipment from us. You can also rent waders. You can bring along bait, flies and tackle can you bring along or buy from us upon arrival.

When renting equipment a deposit must be paid that will be repaid when you return the whole equipment.

Own fishing equipment
Pike: Spin fishing rods must be able to handle a throwing weight of 35 gram. Line must be minimum 0.30.

For fly fishing we do not use equipment under class 8.

Perch, grayling, salmon trout and char: The fish sizes can vary a lot. In the same water where there are small perch there can also be very large trout.

Talk to your local fishing store or call us for more advice.

Can I fish without guide and during the stay change my mind?
Of course you can choose to fish without guide, and then change your mind. But we can’t guarantee that a guide will be free upon your request.

What is provided by you?
Fishing rods, lures/flies, waders.

What sort of fishing are you doing?
Fly fishing, spin fishing, in river and in lakes, also from boat.

What sort of fish are we able to catch?
Several different species, example: pike, trout, grayling and perch.

All clients are responsible to make arrangements for their own insurance policy. We recommend all our guests have travel insurance. To be part of any hunting activities, you must have valid hunting insurance. Nordic Footprints can help you arrange hunting insurance.

What kind of food can I expect?
It depends on which package you have chosen, hunting & fishing (except fly-fishing in the mountain) we try to make 3 meals/a day, often it’s a continental breakfast. Lunch is a simple dish, while dinner is often 2 or 3 dishes.

We try to make Swedish meals, like Elk-knul with potatoes, blackcurrant jelly and mushroom sauce. But of course we also like to be inspired by the traditional European kitchen.

For treks we are more adjustable in our way of food, though we try to avoid eating dry food. (If not specially requested from quests) Otherwise 3 meals, and something extra at dinner.

If you want anything special to eat, please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

I have special needs for food
Just let us know what your needs may be and we will together find the right solution for you.

What is included in the price?
It differs between the packages, please see each respective package.

Can you take a single person or only groups?
We specialize in small groups, but if you wish, we can arrange a trip for only one person. Just contact us for a price quotation. Some of our special packages are open for single people who together wish to share some of the cost of the required personnel.

Travel Guarantee
All our overnight arrangements are sold with travel guarantee according to the TRAVEL GUARANTEES ACT (1972:204). For more information contact the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency: +46 8 700 08 00 or visit www.kammarkollegiet.se.

Cancellation policy

- Cancellations 60 days before arrival will be repaid to the client with a deduction for half of the deposit.

- Cancellations later than 60 days but earlier then 14 days from arrival the client will lose the full deposit.

- Cancellations shorter than 14 days from arrival the client will pay the full price and no refund is possible.

Equipment for hunting
You will need warm clothing suitable for the season, your hunting equipment, ammunition, your hunting weapon, your hunting certificate, your weapon permit and other personal belongings you may need. It’s also very important that you have one pair of boots, well walked in.

The terrain is shifting, from dry pine hills to old grown forest and moors. The terrain we hunt in can be physically difficult and we recommend out guests to be in good physical condition.

Non hunters
If you wish to bring along non hunters the charge is 100 Euro per night and per person. This includes breakfast and dinner. A lunch box can be made during breakfast. The non hunters cannot be part of the hunt and they cannot walk with the hunters. If you wish to bring along hunters during the hunt we must arrange hunting permits and hunting insurance which costs 100 Euro extra per person. Please observe that this should be booked in advance and if not booked in advance it must be arranged during your stay and can mean that the time in the forest will be less.

Please also observe that we have a maximum of 3 guests per guide (including hunters and non hunters). The number of guides per group is based on the number of hunting guests. If there is need for additional guides you will be charged according to the hunting price list (with a deduction of 25% for non hunters).

Final payment
Upon arrival you need to pay the final amount in cash or by VISA or MasterCard to your guide. If you wish to pay VISA or MasterCard we can also create a pay link and email to you before your arrival. Please notify us 1 week before your arrival.

Please observe all the hunting is done with guide and guides must be booked in advance. Please make sure you have the guide ratio you wish, normally 1 guide for 2-3 guests. It might be possible to book extra guides upon arrival but we cannot guarantee this.

Hunting dog
If you bring your own dog, you will find useful information here: Regulations about import of dogs to Sweden.

Please observe that guide with hunting dog must be booked in advance. In some cases we can arrange a hunting dog with short notice but this is very difficult. When the booking is finalized we must know if you wish to rent a hunting dog or not. Food for customers dogs is not included.

When hunting in Estonia we only use our own dogs.

Rules and liability release
Upon arrival you must read and sign the document “Hunting rules & Liability release”. If you have not received this document after your booking please contact us.

Game included
Please see your invoice/confirmation regarding included game. In the document “Hunting rules & Liability release” this will be repeated. This document also stipulates the additional trophy fees. Please observe that no game can be transferred to another guest. (e.g. if hunter A does not shoot anything and hunter B shoots 2 capercaillies the same day, hunter B cannot transfer this game to hunter A but must pay trophy fees according to the price list).

Since we work with wild animals we can never guarantee that we will find the animals. However, if you listen to the advice from our guide you increase your chances. We have a big animal stock and we take well care of the hunting ground to keep it this way.

Below you find what is included in the trophy fee. We will process the trophies for you and if time allows you will take them with you when you leave, otherwise we will send them to you.

Wild boar: Tusks
Roebuck: Horns
Elk: Horns Small game: Paw or tail
Birds: The whole bird, unprocessed

If nothing else is agreed to, the meat and skin is the property of Nordic Footprints AB and its partners. If desired we can arrange other forms of trophies if agreed to in advance.

Import of weapon
We will make all the formalities providing we get the necessary documents at least 8 weeks before the arrival date at the Swedish borders.

Weapon and ammunition
For bird hunting with pointing dog you should bring shotgun calibre 12-20 For trophy hunting rifle 222 Rem-6,5x55.(Shooting distance:100-200 meters.)

If you bring your own weapon, ammunition is not included in the price. There is no place nearby where you can by ammunition upon arrival.

If you do not find the answer to your question here, please contact us.