Booking policy

Last update: 2018-05-18

Privacy notice
When a booking is done the customer accepts that Nordic Footprints AB stores and uses the Customer data for Nordic Footprints AB activities to fulfill the agreement to the customer. The data is saved for 24 months and is then deleted if we are not obliged to store the information for a longer reason due to legal obligations.

I some cases health information is shared by the customer and is then saved. This data is saved in order to complete the activity in safe way. I cases where minor are accompany, age of the minor might be saved. This information is automatically deleted 3 months after completion of the booking.

The customer has under the GDPR the right to obtain the information Nordic Footprints AB has registered about the customer. If the information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, the customer may request the information to be corrected or deleted. Contact us in that case at email or phone.

Travel Guarantee
All our overnight arrangements are sold with travel guarantee according to the TRAVEL GUARANTEES ACT (1972:204). For more information contact the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency: +46 8 700 08 00 or visit

A booking is made on our website or by phone.

The deposit is 50% of the total price of the package. This fee is part of the payment and must be paid within 7 days from receipt of your booking confirmation.

Final payment
Unless stated otherwise, the balance due on a trip is to be paid with VISA or MasterCard upon arrival. When paying upon arrival you will be charged in the amount in SEK specified on the invoice. The balance can also be prepaid using International bank transfer or by card using the link on the invoice. Nordic Footprints will send an invoice and a recommended packing once received the deposit and all information about the participants. Flight tickets and other necessary travel documents will be sent after the final payment have been received.

Travel plan
We reserve the right to make changes in the itinerary. Changes might be needed for circumstances not known earlier or for making a better trip. In some cases there might be a need to change the accommodation.

Pricing is subject to change without notice any time prior to reservation. We reserve the right to change the price if circumstances not known in advance would occur, (i.e. higher transportation cost etc.). You have the right to cancel a trip without charge if a price change of more than 5% would occur.

Cancellation policy
Cancellations 30 days before arrival will be repaid to the client with a deduction for half of the deposit.

Cancellations later than 30 days but earlier then 14 days from arrival the client will loose the full deposit.

Cancellations shorter then 14 days from arrival the client will pay the full price and no refund is possible.

All clients are responsible to make their own arrangements for their insurance policy. We recommend all guests to have travel insurance. To be part of any hunting activities, you must have valid hunting insurance. Nordic Footprints can help you arrange hunting insurance.

Passport and visa
All clients are responsible for having a valid passport and visa if needed depending on nationality. If the client cannot start the activities due to an invalid passport, visa or anything else concerning these documents, no money will be repaid.

The client must ensure that all travel documents are correctly spelled according to their passport and visa.

Most nationalities do not need a visa for Sweden.

Cancellations by Nordic Footprints
We reserve the right to cancel a group trip if there are too few participants.

A notice of a cancellation will be given latest 30 days before arrival. We also reserve the right to cancel a trip due to force majeure. If the trip is cancelled by us, the deposit will be returned. We will however not be responsible for money spent by client(s) for trip preparation prior to our cancellation

Force majeure
Nordic Footprints AB will not be held responsible for situations out of our control, such as (but limited to) strikes, weather, war, or other situations like that. We will try to find a solution but will not be econmically responsible for flights, transportation or other changes.

Please notify your guide immediately in the case of complaints.

Booking of accommodation using 3rd party websites
The following conditions applies to bookings for accommodation only from 3rd party websites, e.g. bookings done using

- There are no deposit to be made to the third party.
- Once we have received the booking, a booking confirmation will be sent to the customer including payment instructions.
- Full payment must be done within 5 days of the booking or it will be cancelled.
- Full refund will be done if the customer cancel before 30 days of arrival.
- Cancellations within 30 days from arrival will not be refunded.

Animal fees are due to be paid in cash at time of hunting, unless prior arrangements have been made.

A wounded animal is any animal leaving blood, whether recovered or not and to be paid for according to the pricelist as wounded game; no exceptions to this policy.

Anyone not acting in a safe and/or sportsmanlike manner in the opinion of the guide may be made to leave and no refund of any kind will be offered.

A waiver of liabilities and an acceptance of rules must be signed by all participants upon arrival before any activities commence.

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